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Gerhard Ludwig

Authorized Executive / Handling and processing
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Handling and processing

When it comes to delivery and storage, we offer you extensive value-added services for your valuable goods and raw materials.
Our trained staff inspect, verify and check all containers and commodities for damage as they arrive and before they go into storage. At your request, we also sample, weigh, aromatise and assemble or pack your goods.
The warehouses at our main locations are also equipped with modern cleaning and pest-control systems. This is how we ensure high-quality processing and conditioning of your raw materials.

Overview of our services

  • Expert inspection, verification and checking for damage
  • Sampling and weighing
  • Cleaning and pest control
  • Quality assessment and laboratory analysis
  • Conditioning by blending and aromatising to your requirements
  • Packing and marking
  • Insuring and claims processing
  • Inventory checks